The Simple Life is in Nature

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The Simple Life is in Nature


There are many places on earth where having money is completely unnecessary and it is not in the main mind of its inhabitants.
Of course there are always exceptions among the population, but it is everywhere in the world, the people also easily can survive there even with no income or a minimum financial status.
The things given by nature can totally meet these people needs in order to make their living, because they are not demanding.
The joy, pleasure and satisfaction can be found in most of them, especially by seeing this give me emotional feelings and thoughts, and give tears in my eyes.
Many rich people would be very pleasure to exchange this enormously joy with them and discover that wealthy is not necessary for celebrating the happiness.
At the sight of these beautiful moments let us realize what influence money can have on a human’s mind and how it could deprive off the pleasure and joy.
The valuation of life is no longer there because most people only live to earn as much money as possible, so they have forgotten the meaning of real life.
The real meaning of our existence on earth is no longer there, because everything revolves around money, and the pleasure that we want to experience have to be purchased further with money or we must paid for buying it.
Because without money is taking over the pleasure from most people on this planet, they can only possess money to spend their joyful moments.
If we really open up our eyes to see the images in real life, we can feel how happy other earthlings whom were born the same as us, but they are less spoiled.
Then we can also see and experience how our world has become spoiled by the power and the needs of cash.
We’ve seen many crime of violence and killings due to the greed for money, an unreliable friendships, a liar who often makes up their own story, and so on, all of those looking for an easy way to get money.
Where does it go in our world, a simple life in nature is surely be more peaceful and safer because people are not money greedy in this places.


I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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