A Goal Without the Proper Plan is just a Plain Wish.

A Goal Without the Proper Plan is just a Plain Wish.

We were all born to achieve some goals in our life and we have to do all we need in order to get that.
Our goal is not something that will just come to us automatically, we have to go and get things done right.
We need going through it by the prescribed laws and obligations.
With a well prepared plan and good financially organized proposal together, we can know what obstacles are waiting for us in advance thus its not going to give us any problems afterwards.

Because if we do not have good plans to achieve our goals, then it’s just a plain wish that never can give us a good outcome.

And a goal which we hope for something will not easily to be succeeded or almost never will become a reality.
When we start asking our wish from a god that we would like to see come true but ourselves never fully committed on it, then its better to forget quickly about this.
Things that are not well prepared with no clear and well researched plan should only be seen as a desire because ninety percent of it is already failed.
This is just like the saying “carry water to the sea” and it will eventually become an useless plan with a hopeless end and more losses.
A clear desire without proper planning and has no purpose at all.
So let’s just be wise and make a proper planning in order to get our goal easily.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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