Let’s give our Helping Hand to Others when they Needed us.

Let’s give our Helping Hand to Others when they Needed us.

Life has been distributed unfairly in many areas but at this point we are all equal and there should be no distinction.
Everyone need help, even we think we are able to take action independently but in actual fact we can not do it alone.
But unfortunately there are also some people who always depend on the help from other for their physical defects or deficiencies.
They always rely on the help which offer by others to them, without those assistance, their life is a disaster and not easy to keep moving.
Sometimes we unexpectedly ended up in an emergency situation but we must learn to deal with it.
Everyone has their own problems, some physically and other materialistic but it is a our duty to get ourselves out of the trouble.
We often came through such adversity and get mentally and psychologically in trouble so it is getting more difficult to find the solution.
If we can lend a helping hand and a good deed when there is a need to help someone, that will gives us a peaceful feeling which we can be proud of.
Unfortunately, there are people who abuse it, but that should not deter us to show our good will and heart and help them in an emergency situation.
Goodness will always be rewarded and evil will then be punished so who gives a helping hand will live in peace.

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards,
Author Jan Jansen

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